Recife: The Playable City



The Program

“Recife: The Playable City is an exciting new international initiative that brings together creative practitioners from Pernambuco (Brazil) and the UK, to exchange ideas and develop new works that respond to the theme of The Playable City. It is run in collaboration with Brazilian Technology Park Porto Digital and the British Council.

Beginning in January 2014, Recife: The Playable City will enable a select group of artists, producers and technologists to participate in a creative lab process spanning Bristol and Recife. Working together, they will develop new ideas that use art and technology to engage and inspire audiences, demonstrating how playful experiences can empower citizens and tackle the challenges our future cities face. The programme will culminate in a public showcase of ideas in Recife in April 2014, in which Recife will officially become the world’s second Playable City.”

The Theme

“From street art to street games, Bristol is the world’s first Playable City, known for its playful approach to public spaces, and its drive to get residents and visitors engaged with the city and its creative and cultural future. Now, in partnership with the British Council and Brazilian technology park Porto Digital, Bristol’s Watershed is taking this idea to Recife, in a bid to transform the capital city of Brazil’s Pernambuco state, into the worlds second Playable City.

What is a playable city?

The Playable City is a new term, imagined as a counterpoint to ‘A Smart City’. A Playable City is a city where people, hospitality and openness are key, enabling its residents and visitors to reconfigure and rewrite its services, places and stories. It is a place where serendipity is rife and there is permission to be playful in public. Recife: The Playable City is part of Watershed’s on going interest in this important theme…”


Find out more & follow the project here. You can hear part of a podcast on the Playable City here (from minute 34). If you happen to be interested in Smart Cities, see the post I wrote in November on Making Recife a Smart City, and my other post on the RxA Project, or otherwise check out my blog category Urban Planning.


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