Recife 2014 Carnival Schedule

The complete schedule for Recife’s 2014 Carnival came out today. First, you’ll find the schedule below, then some extra info at the bottom. All in all, there will be close to 2,000 presentations, with 720 being on stage and the rest being on the ground with the people.


Friday (February 28th)

16h – Opens with Naná Vasconcelos and 12 nações de Maracatu
18h45 – Opening Cerimony with pyrotechnic show
19h – Marcelo D2 and Zé Brown
19hh55 – Antônio Nóbrega
20h26 – André Rio and China
20h50 – Lenine
21h35 – Geraldo Azevedo
21h43 – Everyone
Closing – Quinteto Violado and Sir Rossi (Silvério Pessoa’s project)

Saturday (March 1st)

23h – André Rio and Fafá de Belém
21h50 – Lenine
00h20 – Gilberto Gil
01h40 – Gaby Amarantos

20140129130034535640o(Nóbrega, Alceu, Naná, Gil, Zeca & Marcelo D2)

Sunday (March 2nd)

21h – Antônio Nóbrega
0h – Otto
01h30 – Nação Zumbi

Monday (March 3rd)

22h20 – Fundo de Quintal
01h30 – Jorge Aragão

Tuesday (March 4th)

23h40 – Alceu Valença
01h10 – Elba
3h – Arrastão do Frevo


Here’s the official schedule (PDF, in Portuguese), including all the big shows (listed above) and the smaller shows, plus where they will be happening. Click here to see the way Recife will look once all the decorations are put up (example above). Feel free to get to know the Carnival songs (marchinhas, etc) that will be playing. If you are looking for places to stay, I did write about Recife’s hostels, though they’re surely quite booked by now, it doesn’t hurt to try. Also, here’s last year’s Carnival costs, in case you’re interested in that kind of thing and didn’t see my post on it yet.


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