The reason for the blog

I just got done reading Time magazine’s piece on Recife, the World Cup, sex tourism and child prostitution. It constructs a narrative that makes it seem like child prostitutes run rampant in Recife (while their photo adjoining the article is of shacks in a different geographical region of Brazil). Among the many comments saying “oh, that’s so sad” are a few wiser comments calling bullshit, overexageration and bad journalism. Out of all the possible topics to write about when picking Recife, they pick something shocking and disgusting. Sure, not all is roses but it seems the int’l media just likes puff pieces when it comes to Recife (and most of Brazil). Puff about overly negative things (example above) or puff about overly positive things (World Cup, Carnival).

By translating Brazilian articles and skimming the local news, I’m able to bring you the side you won’t see otherwise. Do I skip over local articles about someone getting shot or run over? Yes, but if you want to read that, there’s plenty of it out there in the world. My hope is that I tip the scales, even if ever-so-slightly.


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