One-third of the year off

021(photo source)

“The Ministry of Planning published (PT) their list of national holidays and “falcultative points” (where, if the holiday falls on a Thursday, your job might give you Friday off, too) for 2014. According to the ordinance, there are 9 holidays and 7 said “points”. With many holidays falling on business days and the World Cup happening, including the weekends, those who live in Recife will likely be able to take 35% of the year off work.

With the World Cup, the game days where the Brazilian team is playing and the games in the host cities can be added to the calendar as free days. Counting just the holidays that fall on business days, the Recife resident may have 21 holidays off this year. Aside from the six holidays that are part of the official Brazilian calendar, there’s one additional State holiday (São João), seven days considered country-wide ‘facultative points’, two municipal holidays (Nossa Senhora do Carmo e Nossa Senhora da Conceição), three games played by the Brazilian team and three happening in the Pernambuco Arena.

On June 23rd, there will be an overlapping of the game in the Arena and the Brazilian team game. Adding these 21 holidays with the 104 weekend days in 2014, it comes out to be 125 days off in Recife.” – DP


Below are two comments made to me about the article I translated, which I thought should be included. It’s important to see the full picture and not just a straight informational piece directly translated. Plus the adding of “oh, we almost forgot to mention weekends are included in our data” is a bit deceptive.

“Those optional days are only for those working for the government, not for all the residents. Private sector workers have to work those days.”

“Also, there are situations where even the public employees work on those “facultative ” days.”


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