Academia Recife kicks off in the Zona Sul


The first Academia Recife, equiped with gym equipment for lifting, stretching and gymnastics, set up at the Lagoa do Araçá, in Imbiribeira, Zona Sul, started operating this Thursday (2nd). The space, developed by the Secretary of Tourism and Leisure of Recife, has already signed up more than 600 people who’ll use the service, with the assistance of physical education professionals, from Monday to Friday, 6:30am to 10:30am and from 5pm to 9pm, and on Saturdays, from 7am to 11am.

To make use of the equipment, it’s necessary to sign up free of charge. The inscriptions occur at the Academia Recife itself and all that’s needed is to show your ID. The capacity, per 30-minute group, is 40 people lifting and 20 people using the stretching and gymnastics equipment.

When the customer arrives for the first time, they’ll receive a medical questionaire. If the person is diagnosed with some disease, or even with some pre-sickness, they’ll be asked to first go see a doctor and come back with a clean bill of health. After filling out the medical form, they’ll fill out the sign-up sheet and will get a gym card, meaning they can already start working out.

More Gyms

The city government is going to install 12 more Academia Recifes, including on Boa Viagem beach, which is already in the process of being revitalized. These open-air gyms will also be brought to Parque Santana, on Avenida Agamenon Magalhães, in Santo Amaro, and at the Maria Sampaio Lucena Plaza, in Ibura.

All of the Academia Recifes will follow the same pattern adopted at the Lagoa do Araçá: 250 m2; space for lifting, stretching and localized gymnastics and a team composed of two teachers, four interns, two secretaries, two general services assistants and security guards split into two shifts. – DP


The official announcement (in PT) is here. To read more about the Lagoa do Araçá, see my post here.


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