Selma do Côco


“From Vitória de Santo Antão, Pernambuco, Selma Ferreira da Silva lived in the interior of the state until she was 10 yrs old, when she got connected with the festas juninas and the music of the region, like coco de roda. She then moved with her family to Recife, got married, had 14 kids and was widowed at 30, when she went to live in Olinda. There, she worked selling tapioca, and in her free time she started to promote rodas de coco in her backyard. They became famous and allowed her to travel, presenting herself in events and clubs. In ’96, she participated in the festival Abril Pro Rock, which gave a big push to her artistic career. The hit that made it all happen was “A Rolina” (below), recorded by other artists and very sucessful in the Carnival of ’97. She was invited to sing in São Paulo and in Europe, principally in Germany, where she did a lot of concerts. In ’98, Paradoxx launched the disc “Minha História” in Brazil and in Europe.” – Cliquemusic


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