Eduardo Campos made 16 international trips

“Since taking command of the Pernambucan government, Eduardo Campos has made 16 international trips, including the one he is on in Europe at the moment. In total, there were 6 trips to Europe, 4 trips within Latin America, 3 to Asia and 3 to the US. In the first year of his first term, in 2007, he took the most trips: seven. In 2009 and 2010, the Pernambucan governor didn’t leave the country.

The majority of trips are paid for by the Pernambucan government, as they are administrative in nature, according to the media spokesperson of the State administration. Some of the trips were by invitation, such as two in 2007 — the invite from the Brazilian President and another to travel to Colombia, in August of 2011, when he was invited by the Interamerican Development Bank to speak on the Pernambucan management model.” – Source (PT)


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