Where to learn languages in Recife

I found some info (PT) about where to learn certain languages in Recife, but it’s from 2011 so I hope it’s still accurate. With the exception of Senac, I tried to just list cultural institutes, tied to official entities in the country of the origin language. I’ve been to a few of these places (in other Brazilian capitals) and they usually offer movie nights or other culture-related activities for those who aren’t language students. As for English, there are plenty of English schools around but none, as far as I know, could be called an institute. Additionally, for those interested in Chinese/Mandarin, the installation of an Instituto Confúcio in Recife was just announced, so watch out for that.

Centro Cultural Ítalo-Brasileiro Dante Alighieri
Rua João Fernades Vieira, 73, Boa Vista, Centro do Recife
81 3221.0416 | 3231.1801
Average Price: R$130 (beginner)
Average Length: 3 to 4 years (complete, w/o conversation)

Centro Cultural Brasil-Alemanhã
Rua do Sossego, 364, Boa Vista, Centro do Recife
81 3421.2173

Aliança Francesa
Rua Amaro Bezerra, 466, Derby, Centro do Recife
81 3202.6262
Rua Sen. Hélio Coutinho, 206, Boa Viagem
81 3325.4312
Average Price: R$ 198 (beginner)
Average Length: 5 and a half years (complete)

Instituto Cervantes de Recife
Av. Gov. Agamenon Magalhães, 4535, Derby, Centro do Recife
81 3334.0450
Average Price: 30 hours, 3 installments of R$ 161
Average Length: 2 to 4 years

Various (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Mandarin)
Senac Pernambuco
Av. Visconde de Suassuna, 500, Santo Amaro, Centro do Recife
0800 081 1688
Average Price: 5 installments of R$ 207 | Italian: 5 installments of R$ 198
Average Length: Italian and German – 5 months (beginner) | English – 3 years | Spanish – 2 years | French and Mandarin – 1 and a half (complete)


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