BarChef Gourmet Market

dsc0527(Source: Deborah Ghelman @ Prove Midia Visual)

After looking at some lovely photos of this gourmet market, pub, vinoteca and Italian grill called BarChef, I can safely say I’m happy to not live in Recife…because I’d probably want to eat and buy groceries here all the time. To find out why, just see the photos on their Facebook page (the link is at the bottom).


“It’d be hard for a lover of gastronomy to visit Barchef Mercado Gourmet, in Recife, and have it not be love at first sight. It wouldn’t be fair to define the place as a restaurant, when it’s really a gastronomic complex. In a 20th century mansion, the brothers Gilberto, Hélder and Bueno Bezerra took advantage of each aspect of the mansion: they divided it into a delicatessen, a Spanish restaurant, an Italian restaurant and a pub which isn’t far behind those they saw in Europe, where they were when they had the idea to open something similar in Recife.


It’s not possible to talk about Barchef without talking about the environments. The house is spectacular, from the European-styled varanda, with a wonderful view of the conserved garden in front, to the historic part on the top floor, that stays open for visitation during the day. The pub, in the basement, has music that varies from underground to indie-pop, and it’s been the place to be for the city’s cool but alternative crowd. During the week it’s possible to get together with family and lunch in the garden, which has an area for kids and dogs to play, much like having a picnic in a park. As if that’s not enough, in case you fall in love with the food, you can go into the deli and buy a lot of the ingredients from the plates offered in the restaurant section.” – Source (PT)

Barchef’s Facebook Photo Stream

– Av. Dezessete de Agosto, 1893 – Poço da Panela – Recife – (81) 3204-8500
– RioMar Shopping Mall (smaller, secondary location)


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