Cuban doctors arrive in Recife


“This Sunday, 70 Cuban doctors from the federal program Mais Médicos arrived at the Int’l Airport of Recife, to begin taking courses and to start attending to the population of 25 Pernambucan cities. In all, 145 professionals should have arrived in the Pernambucan capital, but one of the flights was cancelled and the other 75 will be arriving on Monday, the 28th of October. Six doctors had also arrived on Saturday.

The group was in Fortaleza, in Ceará, where they took part in a qualification course. They’ll come together with the other 250 doctors from the program that are already working in Pernambuco and should attend to around 800 Pernambucans from the 56 cities that will receive professionals from Mais Médicos.

Of the new group, 21 doctors will remain and work in Recife, 13 in  Jaboatão dos Guararapes, 7 in Paulista, another 7 in Caruaru and 5 in Vitória de Santo Antão. The rest of the cities will get, at most, 3 doctors each.

The Health Minister, Alexandre Padilha, was in Recife to welcome the workers. He guaranteed that, by March 2014, the Federal Government intends to contract 13,000 foreign doctors to work in cities across the country.” – Source (PT)

Related: PernamCubanos and a Folha TV piece (PT) on the federal program.


While the Mais Médicos program isn’t “news”, per se, I wonder what the influence of having nearly 400 Cubans working and living in Pernambuco will be, on a cultural level. Perhaps it won’t even be noticeable since there are over 9 million people in the entire state, but in the very least it’d be quite interesting to follow their integration process.


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