Arlindo dos 8 Baixos


Yesterday, at 72 years old, famed accordion player Arlindo dos 8 Baixos passed away in Recife.

From the town of Santo Amaro in the Mata Sul of Pernambuco, he moved to Recife when he turned 23 yrs old, which gave him access to hear and meet other musicians. He was invited to play with the band Coruja e seus Tangarás and soon was traveling all over Brazil on tour, an opportunity that allowed him to be introduced to Luiz Gonzaga.

In an interview with G1 in 2012, Arlindo, who also tuned accordions, recalled the moment he met the Rei do Baião: “The day after (the show), he showed up at my house. I couldn’t even believe it when I saw him. I tuned his instrument and didn’t charge him for it, but he wanted to help me and so he gave my wife close to R$1,000, an amount I didn’t even make in a month’s time.”

The friendship only grew from then on and Arlindo played with Gonzaga for 22 years. It was Gonzaga who got him to play a type of accordion called the ‘fole de 8 baixos’. In his more than 50 year career, Arlindo recorded more than 200 songs, the majority, instrumental.  – Source (PT)

(In the documentary below, Arlindo contradicts a few things from the article above. He says he met Gonzaga at 21 yrs old, that he didn’t remember how much he gave him but that it was worth 3 months of his normal earnings.)


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