Recife wagons in the rearview


“With 34 votes, a bill to prohibit the circulation of animal-drawn carriages on the streets of the Pernambucan capital was unanimously approved earlier this month in Recife’s City Hall. The bill, proposed by the Secretary of Animal Rights (SEDA), Rodrigo Vidal, has been in discussion for decades, but only now was it approved. “It’s a project for the common good of Recife residents, as it looks at the social inclusion of the families of the carroceiros (carriage-drivers), it improves traffic and it cares for animals. It’s a civilizing leap, an example given to Brazil by the Geraldo Julio administration”, commemorated Vidal. The law enters into effect 120 days after it is sanctioned and officially published.

One of the bill’s counterparts is the source of alternative income for those that, currently, earn their living by transporting cargo with animal-drawn carriages. In order to do this, the secretaries of Social Development and Human Rights, Youth and Professional Qualification, and of Women, will be integrated for the purpose of finding ways to qualify the carroceiros and their families. “Those who work this way don’t live, they just survive. These people work as carroceiros because they don’t have any other option, but Recife’s Mayor’s Office is going to qualify them for other functions, and, those that are interested in continuing autonomously will be given assistence”, he pointed out.

The monitoring and inspection for compliance will be done by the CTTU (The Transit and Urban Transport Company) and the Military Police. A fine of R$500 will be handed out in the case of relapses. The animals will be apprehended and send to a specific location, outside Recife, where they will be cared for and placed up for adoption under SEDA’s supervision.” – Source (PT)


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