Wanted: Abandoned Kombi

kombi_usarThe photo of the Kombi above was taken over the weekend in Santo Amaro by Cláudio Maranhão, a local photographer. It was then sent to G1 (in PT) who reported on it and informed the Mayor’s Office. The local authorities said they’re aware of it and that it’s scheduled to be removed by the end of the month.

My vote? Leave it be…especially since so many people obviously want it. The government wants it as part of its abandoned car removal project (which is operational in Santo Amaro). The grafitti artists want it. The photographer wanted it. And, according to the only comment on the G1 article, it’s actively used as a fruit stand, thus the bars on the windows. So not only does the fruit stand owner want it but also the people who buy fruit from him/her.

In the least, it’s a testament to how Brazilians are inventive and repurpose objects for various uses. It’s also interesting since the Kombi will no longer be produced as of this year.


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