The Via Mangue project

via-mangue-areaConsidered the largest road works project in the last few decades, the Via Mangue, originally thought up in the 1970s, will cut down on traffic congestion for those coming from the South Zone of the city and going in the direction of downtown. It’s being built now as part of World Cup 2014 preparations.

From the Mayor’s Office:

April 2011 – construction starts
September 2013 – was scheduled for completion
April 2014 – new contractual schedule for completion

Via Mangue Numbers
992 families living in stilt houses (palafitas) were removed
3 habitational units were delivered in November 2011
2.9 miles in length
37/mph is the average automobile speed forecasted
R$383 million is the cost of the construction process

4 elevated areas and 8 bridges will be included in the road system
1 tunnel is being installed on Herculano Bandeira Ave.

The basic info out of the way, here’s 7 errors made so far (PT), followed by a government-made video outlining the changes.


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