Brazilian Langston Hughes


Once called the Brazilian Langston Hughes, Solano Trindade was born in 1908, in the neighborhood of São José, in Recife. Beyond being a legitimate poet of the black resistance, he was a painter, a playwright, an actor and folklorist. In 1930, he started to compose Afro-Brazilian poetry. In 1934, he helped organize the 1st and 2nd Afro-Brazilian Congress, in Recife and Salvador. In 1936, he founded the Pernambucan Black Front and the Center for Afro-Brazilian Culture, to promote black artists and intellectuals. You can read a little more on him here.

In Solano’s verses, Carlos Drummond de Andrade discovered, “a natural force and an individual voice, rich and burning, which merges with the collective voice.”

Here’s a short clip (PT) on the poet, plus a documentary (PT) and, below, one of his poems which you can click to enlarge.

Negra bonita


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