Recife & Whiskey


The BBC mentioned once that Recife is the worldwide capital of whiskey consumption. Today, I found a fairly new blog dedicated to the same subject. Below is a translated version of one of the posts found on Uísque Recife (PT).


“The elevated consumption of whiskey by the population of Recife is a fact that awakens the curiosity of companies specializing in communications, marketing and whiskey itself. The Pernambucan capital is a reference in consumption research on this particular type of drink. More and more, companies are investing in advertising on the street, in bars and supermarkets of the city. 

In a study published by Nielsen, with data collected between August 2011 and July 2012, Recife presented consumption levels of, on average, 0.571 liters per person on an annual basis, against 0.145 liters for the national average. The numbers say that residents of Recife drink close to 11.5 shots of the drink, while the average Brazilian drinks 2.9 shots, in a period of 12 months. 

Holding companies of brands like Chivas Regal and Johnnie Walker consider Recife as a strategic area for sales. Diageo, the holding company for Johnnie Walker, affirms that the Pernambucan capital corresponds to 17% of its sales. Other more popular brands such as Teacher’s and Old Eight, bet on parties to get their names out. During events such as Semana Santa and São João, the brands reinforce their investments in Recife. 

The reasons for the high level of whiskey consumption are speculated about. Some specialists or store owners dedicated to the drink confirm that this phenomenon is the consequence of cachaça intake in the past. There are also people that say that status is a possible reason for the success of whiskey. Additionally, there are those that attribute the high consumption to simply the pleasure of tasting a quality drink. 

What’s for sure is the population of Recife has already included the drink among its most preferred, whether it’s to be appreciated at home with friends, in a bar, at weddings and graduation parties, and even on the beach. Whiskey, straight or mixed with some other drink like coconut water (PT) or an energy drink, already has dominated the cups of consumers in Recife.” 


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