Revisiting Freyre’s Recife

After writing about the Modern Mangroves of Josué de Castro, which I found in Diário de Pernambuco (big surprise, as I mentioned, I’m finding a lot of good stuff in their archives), here’s a piece they did on the Recife of Gilberto Freyre.


“To see Recife today from a historical viewpoint, from the relationship that the sociologist Gilberto Freyre estabilished with his birth city in his life and in his work. This was the idea that guided the completion of the exhibition Freyre em Frames, that opened this Friday, at 7pm, at the Centro Cultural Correios.

The exposition is made up of 50 images put together by Max Levay, together with co-curator, anthropologist and museologist Raul Lody. The series of photographs was inspired by the “Guia prático, histórico e sentimental da cidade do Recife” (The practical, historical and sentimental guide to the city of Recife), written by Freyre in 1934.

The images of the exposition show scenes from the everyday, architectural treasures and postcards of Recife, such as the markets of the city and Rua da Aurora, considered by Freyre himself to be the most Recife-esque of all the streets in the city. The photographs are interweaved with excerpts from the book.

“There are elements that are extremely current in the show, like the preoccupation with the pollution of the rivers and with the aforrestation of the city. This is a present to the Pernambucan capital and an advisory to look at it more affectionately”, Lody points out.

The photos are presented in various media, such as in fabric and in paper, and will take up an area of 120 meters squared. There will also be an interactive part, called the idea fishery, where the visitors can leave messages on paper fishes.

The exposition, promoted by the Gilberto Freyre Foundation, is also open for guided visits for public and private schools.

Interesting Facts

– Freyre’s guide to Recife is considered to be the first touristic guide in the entire country. In 2014, the book celebrates eight decades in print. The first edition of the book will also be on display during the showing. At the launch, only 105 issues were published.

– The photographs at the exposition are part of a series called “Cenas Assinadas”, by Max Levay, made up of numbered and authenticated images of Recife and Olinda, in addition to images of everyday Brazilian life.

– Another element of the show is the documentary by Leo Falção, which is also inspired by Freyre’s book and baptized with the same name (tip: it’s on Youtube). The argument of the film was done by Raul Lody.” – Diario de Pernambuco (PT)

Freyre em frames, by Max Levay
WhereCentro Cultural Correios (Avenida Marquês de Olinda, 262, Bairro do Recife)
Hours: Tuesday to Friday, from 9h to 18h; Saturdays and Sundays, from 12h to 18h
Free entrance
Information: (81) 3441-2883


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