Alceu Valença – “La Belle de Jour”

“Eu lembro da moça bonita da praia de Boa Viagem…”

On a working trip to Paris in 1986, Alceu went to Montparnasse to have a drink and it was there he saw a famous French actress whose name he couldn’t remember. It was, in fact, the blue-eyed Jacqueline Bisset, though he confused her with Catherine Deneuve who was the star of a famous Buñuel film in the late 60s called none other than…La Belle de Jour. In 1991, already back in Brazil, he recorded the song above.

If you prefer this little (his)story in Portuguese, go here.


(La Belle de Jour reminds me of other relaxing Brazilian songs like Lenine’s Último Por do Sol and Toquinho & Gilberto Gil’s Tarde em Itapuã.)


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