Recife beaches to get shark nets


A “new” project seeks to put a 30km of shark nets around Recife beaches, from Olinda to Cabo, in order to heavily decrease the intrusion of sharks where swimmers are. Cemit (the local committee that moniters sharks) made the decision to implement the idea via the recommendation of MPPE (Public Prosecutor’s Office of Pernambuco) after the death of the student from São Paulo in July.

Over the next few months they’ll be testing it out and I have the feeling it will be, for the most part, successful. The planned testing phase of the protective screen comes after a Cemit study (PT) a few months ago which saw life-sized dolls being thrown in the sea near the coastline in the hope they’d be bitten by sharks and that those species could be identified. In 59 attacks against humans since 1992, only 8 of them led to shark identification via the type of bite marks.

The study would have been done earlier but Cemit experienced a delay in government funding since December of last year. It was only after the latest shark attack death that the funds were released. Additionally, the idea for the protective screen is nothing new. In fact it’s from 2010, pre-dating last year’s talk (PT) of finally implementing it.


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