“Tatuagem” going to Gramado Festival


The film Tatuagem was selected to play at the 41st edition of one of Brazil’s best known film festivals, the Festival de Gramado. Filmed in Pernambuco, it’s set in 1978 during the military dictatorship, and is inspired by the theater group Vivencial Diversiones, relating the libertarian spirit of the troup and follows the relationship between the leader and an army recruit. [1]

The script writer and director, Hilton Lacerda, had the idea for the film when he found himself in a conversation about the Argentine dramatist Túlio Carella, who lived in Recife in the 1960s and turned his diaries of that time into the book “Orgias”.

The other inspiration was taken from the anarchist theater group Vivencial Diversiones, that existed in Recife and Olinda from 1974 to 1981. They lived in a communal home in Olinda, that Lacerda used to walk in front of as a kid. “It was on the way to my grandmother’s house. They used to say, ‘look, that’s the Viviencial house’, he remembers. While the group is a source of inspiration, Lacerda says the film isn’t a biography. [2]

No trailer has been made available yet. The festival will happen between the 9th and 17th of August in the Serra Gaúcha. For more information on the group that inspired the film, go here (PT).


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