Recife’s 3rd adoption fair a success


On the 30th of June, the third dog & cat adoption fair, promoted by the Executive Secretary of Animal Rights (SEDA), registered a record number of adoptions.  At the Dona Lindu Park in Boa Viagem, of the 80 animals waiting for homes, 54 dogs and 22 cats were adopted at the event, which included guidance and tips by vetinarians and technicians. More than 1,000 people circulated through the fair.

The secretary of SEDA, Rodrigo Vidal, commemorated. “We got a wonderful outcome. We succeeded in taking a lot of stray animals off the streets that were in a precarious situation, or being housed temporarily, giving a home to these animals”, he affirmed. Those with an interest in adopting an animal had to go through an interview process, to guarantee the animals would be well treated. “These people will be checked on monthly by the animal guardians, basically, by those that took them to the event to be adopted”, he explained.

Another positive point was the launch of the first animal shelter campaign. Clothes, towels, sheets and covers were donated and will be given to the animal protection entities. “We really have to thank the generosity of the people that were touched by the cause and understand, like we do, that the animals also need this type of care. Dogs and cats that get cold in the winter will be more protected”, said Vidal.” [1]


If you couldn’t make it to the adoption fair, see the “Adote Um Vira-Lata” (PT) project, put on by UFPE.


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