Dorival Caymmi sings Dora

“During the 1942 Carnival, Caymmi was a guest at the Grande Hotel de Recife. All of a sudden, a Carnival bloco passed in front of the hotel and a mulata that was dancing barefoot caught the attention of the Bahian mestre. That was his inspiration for this classic MPB song, which he launched originally in 1945.”

“Dora, rainha do frevo e do maracatu, Dora, rainha cafuza de um maracatu, Te conheci no Recife, Dos rios cortados de pontes, Dos bairros, das fontes coloniais.”


“Dora, queen of frevo and maracatu, Dora, “cafuza” queen of a maracatu, I met you in Recife, of rivers hewn with bridges, of neighborhoods, of colonial fountains.”

* Cafuza is someone of mixed Amerindian and African blood.
** Regards to @patricktor4 for posting the song on Twitter.


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