Forró – For Some

Forró supposedly means “for all”, but here’s a story about forró for some.


Those who are shy suffer at parties, such as São João, where dancing in pairs is one of the high points. Fear of not being invited, of not knowing the steps and being ashamed of learning with other people are some of the problems. Or rather, they were: a dance school in Recife opened a class specifically for the timid.

Débora Moura has been giving ballroom dance lessons for 15 years and always took note of those that couldn’t muster up the courage to enroll in the classes due to their shyness. Until she opened her own place, two months ago, and decided to invest in them. “They don’t manage to easily mesh because they’re shy. Some of them don’t even want to be touched. I know a few that became alcoholics who drink do be able to dance”, she said.

There are three types of classes: workshops, private and regular lessons. Currently, the school has students in the latter two classes. Knowing the professor’s high spirits, all of them signed up to learn forró with her.”Off the bat, I give them the shock treatment, to get everyone relaxed. The secret is to get them feeling at home. I even get some of them to dance with a broom”, she said.

The commercial rep. Andreza Rodrigues confirms her level of shyness went down after she started the classes. “Now it’s medium, because I started to let go of myself little by little, I want to put in practice what I’m learning. And this is reflected not only in the dance but in my life as a whole”, she commented. The support analyst Ilaércio Mafra remembers that when he’d go out to the clubs with friends he’d be a wall-flower since he wasn’t courageous enough to ask strangers to dance. “Today, I’m more confident, I face what comes,” he joked.

One student that, due to being shy, didn’t want to be identified, said that he was scared to speak in public and approach girls at parties. “It took all night to ask a girl to dance, until they started to leave. So, I heard of this class and I enrolled to love that fear of rejection. Now, I’m more confident. At the last party, I danced with twice the girls that my friends did”, he said, all proud.

Keeping up with new times

Débora says the lessons for shy people is just an example of the different kinds of classes her school offers. There’s classes for homosexuals and overweight people, as well as in female sensuality and pole dance, among others. “Here, we deal with more than shyness, but the fear of prejudice by other students”, she said.

The professor says that many schools where she taught weren’t really open to suggestions for new classes. “My ideas were seen as jokes, but these schools need to modernize themselves, to open their minds to keep up with new times. At the beginning, they thought it was odd, saying that I’m losing my focus, but today I only get compliments,” she commented. – Source (PT)

The source article just forgot to mention the name of the school…but with some research, I believe I found it. It’s called Um Ponto de Dança in Boa Viagem.


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