May 2013 Events

I’m quite late on my May Events post, but I wanted to include the following…



The 2nd Edition of Contemporary Portuguese Cinema starts this Tuesday (21st) and goes until Sunday (26th), in downtown Recife, bringing 12 full-length films and 7 short films to the Caixa Cultural movie theater. The festival’s objective is to present recent cinemagraphic productions from Portugal to the Brazilian public.

One of the organizers, Carolina Dias, explains that the films made in Portugal rely on public funding, which facilitates the filmmakers’ endeavors. “By not having these more commercial concerns, so to speak, Portuguese cinema is allowed to be more free, open and authorial, and more innovative in terms of form, aesthetics and theme”, she said.

The curator stated that the films shown during the festival — productions from 2000 to 2012 — are examples of the principle characteristics of recent Portuguese cinema. “They’re very unencombered, we won’t present many very well-known directors. With the film selections, we wanted to show precisely the opposite of this, like with the film “Branca de Neve”, by João César Monteiro, who died in 2003, which is a film with a black screen almost the entire time”, she said.

The festival will give critics and directors the opportunity to present the films shown during the event, like the critic Luiz Soares Júnior, who will present “Branca de Neve”, and the Cineclub Dissenso, who will show “É na Terra não é na Lua”, by Gonçalo Tocha.

Honored during this edition will be the Portuguese director Fernando Lopes, who died in 2012. “He died when we were creating the project last year and we thought it important to honor him because he was one of the precursors of the Portuguese Cinema Novo. Here in Brazil he’s not well-known”, says Carolina. Two of his films are part of the event: “Belarmino” (1964) and “Uma abelha na chuva” (1972). – Source (PT, click the link for the schedule)


The 2nd Edition of Contemporary Portuguese Cinema
Caixa Cultural Recife: 505, Alfredo Lisboa Avenue – Recife neighborhood
Tickets: R$ 2 (regular) and R$ 1 (discounted), on sale at the Caixa Cultural ticket counter.
Info: (81) 3425-1900


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