Best hostels in Recife


Albergue de Olinda – R$40/person
Rua do Sol, 233, Carmo
tel: (81) 3429-1592/3439-1913


Albergue Sítio do Carmo – R$45/person
Rua Doutor Justino Gonçalves, 75, Carmo
tel: (81) 3429-2567


Hostel Boa Viagem – R$40/person
Rua Aviador Severiano Lins, 455, Boa Viagem
tel: (81) 3326-9572/3466-2486


Arrecifes Hostel – R$40/person
Rua João Cardoso Ayres, 560, Boa Viagem
tel: (81) 3462-5867


Piratas da Praia – R$45/person
Avenida Conselheiro Aguiar, 2034, Boa Viagem
tel: (81) 3326-1281


Source (PT)

* Prices correct at time of posting, reflect nightly cost for a single bed.


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