TV Pernambuco did a piece on a Cuban musical festival called Festival del Caribe which came to Recife for a week in 2008. The festival started in 1981 in Santiago de Cuba and continues til this day. In Recife, there were performances by Eva Griñán and Gabino Jardines, the septet “La Botija,” the trio JJ Son, hip-hop group TNT, the Sax Magic Quartet, Steel Band Cuba (from El Cobre) and the Folk Company Kokoyé.

After seeing the similarities in the two cultures, filmmaker Nilton Pereira made a 30-minute film called Pernamcubanos, “a documentary about the musical, cultural and religious relationship between Pernambuco and Cuba.”

You can see the TVPE report (PT/ES) on the festival and the trailer to the documentary below. If you want to learn more about the Festival del Caribe as it is in Cuba, here’s a touristic documentary (ES/EN) on it. In related news (PT), two years ago the governor of Pernambuco met with the Cuban embassador to Brazil in order to establish points of interest between the two countries.


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