Sidewalks to get R$20 million treatment


The City of Recife is taking the first step to try to improve the situation of city sidewalks, which have been giving headaches to pedestrians. The holes and gaps that hinder the lives of those who risk their feet will disappear, at least near public (gov’t) buildings. It was announced that R$ 20 million will be invested in improving the surroundings of these buildings.

In addition, public works to improve accessibility will be carried out to facilitate the transport of those with mobility problems. All streets and avenues in Recife will apparently receive these accessibility improvements (meaning 1,000 ramps, it seems). It is anticipated that the project will be completed within a year. The tender notice will be signed on Thursday afternoon (the 9th) by Mayor Geraldo Julio.

Bidding will be divided into two lots and will be under the supervision of the Maintenance and Cleaning Company of the City of Recife (EMLURB). The secretariats of Infrastructure and Urban Services and Urban Mobility and Control will also participate in the public works.

The mayor said in an interview that they will promote a campaign for property owners to repair their own sidewalks, with the cost going to the owners and the work being done by the government. – Source (PT), Interview with Mayor (PT)


I’m not quite sure how sidewalks will be improved only around gov’t buildings yet “all” streets in Recife will effectively be made wheelchair accessible. That sort of implies that those streets will receive improved sidewalks, too. Sounds like some details of the program need some ironing out.

See how students from UNICAP approached the subject of faulty sidewalks. Also, check out Pernambuco Gypsy’s satirical take on the issue.


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