Pernambuco’s literary culture is strong

21 11 12 - E-CONVITE

The Department of Culture of Pernambuco, Fundarpe and the Publishing house CEPE announced the results of the 1st Pernambuco Prize for Literature. Registration in 36 cities in Pernambuco, spread across the four geographical regions of the State, totaled 192 entries. According to the assessment of the Coordinator of Literature of SECULT-PE, Wellington de Melo, the numbers demonstrate the importance of the award.

The big winner is from the Sertão: Bruno Guimarães Liberal, with the storybook “Olho Morto Amarelo”, receiving the R$ 20,000 prize. Other winners were Delmo Montenegro, with the book of poems “Recife, no hay”; Fenando Monteiro, with the novel “O Livro de Corintha”; Joseph Walter Moreira dos Santos, with the storybook “O metal de que somos feitos” and Jeilson José Ferreira da Silva, with the book of poems “Discursos e Anatomias”, receiving R$ 5,000 each. Everyone will receive a first edition made by CEPE.

There were two judging committees composed of writers, scholars and literary critics.

Winners – The results of the award reveal the diversity of literary production in the state. Among the winners are all genres – short stories, novels and poetry – and the works are from the four geographical regions, from cities like Petrolina, Recife, Passira and Vitoria de Santo Antao. “We were very pleased with the results, which show the high level of literary production in the state in all its regions,” said Ricardo Melo, Director of Production and Editing for CEPE.

The winners will have their books published this year by CEPE and participate, in return for the award, in activities within the Literature Secult-PE/Fundarpe schedule of events. Besides the five winners, fifteen other works received honorable mention and their authors will also be invited to perform activities within the Pernambuco Nação Cultural Festival. Check out the full list of winners.


Grand Prize (R$20,000)

“Olho morto amarelo”, Bruno Guimarães Liberal (Petrolina)

Prizes (R$5 mil)

“O livro de Corintha”, Fernando Antônio de Barros Monteiro (Recife)
“Recife, no hay”, Delmo Montenegro da Silva Júnior (Recife)
“O metal de que somos feitos”, José Walter Moreira dos Santos (Vitória de Santo Antão)
“Discursos e Anatomias”, Jeilson José Ferreira da Silva (Passira)

The Honorable Mentions came mostly from Recife, but also from Capoeiras, Paulista, Olinda, Serra Talhada and Surubim. – Source (PT)


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