Arte na Escola – Recife winner


Arte na Escola Institute is a project that hands out awards to teachers that start projects to improve the lives of their students. Each year, they give out awards to 5 teachers and record a clip detailing their project. While looking through their site (PT) I came across the winner for the Middle School category from the 10th edition (in 2009), Flávia Roberta Alves Costa, and her project “Arte: Impressão e expressão que transforma”. Below, you can learn a bit about what she does at the Escola Mater Christi in Recife.

“Conducted with 30 students from the 7th grade, the project aimed to facilitate the construction of the identity of students, recognizing and respecting the differences through different artistic languages.

The 1st half was devoted to experience diverse artistic languages ​​to discover how being a creator (of art) makes it possible to modify and adapt oneself to the world where he/she lives. The 2nd half was dedicated to carrying out projects which implement creative potentials in the individual and collective.

To better systematization the work was divided into stages: I: Study of modern art, II: Self-portrait: diary of “me”, III: Who understands contemporary art?; IV: Visiting art exhibitions; V: Conceptual Art , VI: Building the Virtual Magazine ‘Vertentes’; VII: Culmination and Art Showroom.

The self-portraits were studied and produced with different materials, such as through the use of photography, drawing and painting. Later there was a socialization experience to draw oneself.

When in contact with some works of contemporary art along the way, the teacher noticed rejection and disbelief by some students leading to conflicts. Thus, the video (PT) “Who’s Afraid of Contemporary Art?” was used to discuss the topic with students who later produced the text “Who understands contemporary art?”.

Following this step was a visit to an exhibition of contemporary art, where students had the opportunity to chat with the artists and then did an assessment of what was seen.

Seeing the enthusiasm of the students with the critique, a space was created for publishing texts by the students, teachers and about school experiences related to the art. Thus arose the magazine Vertentes, developed in collaboration with teachers and students, and it was placed on the school grounds during the culmination of the work.

At the end of the project all that was built in the process was presented on the Escola site for the entire school community and families. Some works were produced exclusively for ‘showroom day’, including five installations and two performances in which the students dialoged with the public, and where some interaction was required.

For the teacher, treating art as knowledge was a fundamental and indispensable condition for the success of the project. “The results showed that significant education in the arts makes it possible to articulate the sensible perception and criticism of the artistic manifestations and the socio-environmental space of the student, understanding the environment in its totality.” – Source (PT)


2 responses to “Arte na Escola – Recife winner

  1. What a beautiful work Flavia did! Loved it!
    It makes me very proud for 2 very personal reasons: I was born in Recife, and I studied at Mater Christi School for 12 years! Actually I am part of the the first class that studied there from 3-years old (when the school first opened) until the end of Middle School. 🙂 It has always been a special school!

    • Wow, that’s crazy! A small world, eh?

      I thought it was very cool how evident it is on Flávia’s face that she loves her job and finds it so gratifying.

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