4G Internet tested in Recife


G1 Pernambuco tested 4G internet in Recife, via chips provided by Claro. The results were satisfactory and the tests were run in 3 touristic locations, including Avenida Boa Viagem (in the neighborhood of the same name), at Marco Zero (in Recife Antigo) and at the Gilberto Freyre International Airport (in Imbiribeira, not far from Boa Viagem). At the same locations, 3G internet was also tested for comparison, though unfortunately it mostly failed or took too long, overall.

The tests included posting images to Facebook, loading a one-minute video to Youtube, downloading a 164 mb game from Google Play and sending an email with a photo attached. The game and the video were the weak points for 3G and the video upload was a weak point for the 4G connection.

The Arena Pernambuco, which will host the Confederations Cup 2013 in the coming months and the World Cup next year, was tested as well, but was found to have no 4G connection.

For more details, go here (PT)


The Jornal de Commercio did their own 4G tests, using some of the locations G1 used but also testing others.


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