Less visual pollution starting June 1st


“The owners of venues and those that produce festivals who use the fixed posters on walls known as “lambe-lambes”, to publicize their events, will be fined R$5,400 starting from the 1st of June. The fine will be applied individually to each poster found. Those who renege would have their shows prohibited by the city. The Department of Urban Mobility and Control of Recife met yesterday afternoon with 29 entrepreneurs from city events to discuss the matter.

At the meeting, which took place in Recife City Hall, the Municipal Law 17.521/08 was presented, which prohibits the installation of ads on roads, parks, plazas, public parks, streetlights, bridges, walkways, bridges, tunnels, trees, buildings and public sidewalks. The city made ​​a study which found that about 50 venues and producers use advertising to promote their events. All were invited to the meeting and will receive a document from the city informing them of their decisions.

“The lambe-lambes will be extinct in Recife. The law already exists, we are just applying it, “said Secretary of Urban Mobility and Control, João Braga. The way the inspection will be done is still being discussed. “We had meetings with the Departments of Finance and Legal Affairs to figure out enforcement,” he added.” – Source (PT)


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