Govt studies car restriction law


Via a committee, the Recife government is looking into a “road space rationing” [1] program, otherwise known as rodízio de carros, for residents of the city. This would restrict the circulation of cars with certain licence plate numbers depending on the day or time. Proposals for instating such a system came up back in 2008 and again in 2010, each with their own methods. The 2008 version would have limited circulation between February and June as well as August to December, on weekdays, from 7AM to 8PM. The later version would have restricted it to weekdays, during times and places stipulated by the government.

Both past proposals were looked at and their positive points borrowed for the substitute currently being discussed. If all of the committee members agree on the new measure, it will be put to vote at a plenary session that would happen during the week after the holiday on May 1st. If it’s approved, the mayor would have the final say. If it’s rejected, the topic will be open for a new discussion, should another proposal be offered.

The Mobility and Urban Control Secretary is undertaking studies for implanting the restriction, which should be completed by the end of this month. A few stoplights were tested using technology that identifies licence plates with even and odd numbers. After being analyzed, the data will shed light on specific points and time periods for the restriction to take place.

The only commentor to the story had this to say, “The population that uses cars to get to work can’t be punished due to the ineffectiveness of the government regarding the failed public transport system we have. First, the mayor and the state government need to make significant improvements to the buses, roads and safety in order to implant the restrictions.  – Source (PT)

Update: The voting has been put off until the first proposal from 2008, which was never voted on, has been officially reviewed. – Source (PT)

[1] – Road space rationing (same program São Paulo city uses)


Important to note that the proposal, if approved, will benefit wealthy residents who have two cars with different plate numbers.


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