Films made in Recife

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 2.28.04 AM

Since I’ve seen several movies made in Recife (6 of the 9 below), I thought I’d share them here. The first three are by the same director, Kleber Mendoça Filho, and while I didn’t care too much for the second in the list, the other two he did were well-done. As far as the film titles below, they will be linked to the trailers or the films themselves.

O Som ao Redor (trailer)
Recife Frio (short)
Electrodomestica (short)

A Febre do Rato (full film)
Menino Aranha (short)
Francisco Brennand (documentary, trailer)
Um Lugar ao Sol (full documentary)
Eiffel (short)
Eles Voltam (trailer)


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