Pernambuco’s abandoned hotels

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“They were supposed to become symbols of leisure in Pernambuco, but fell through the cracks due to bureaucratic interference and so, throughout the years, the unfinished hotels and flats became ash-colored parts, from North to South, that don’t match well with the vistas of the colorful coastline of Pernambuco. Dormant to tourism and with obsolete architectural projects to be incorporated easily into the current hotel boom in the state, the buildings have assumed other uses within the spacial occupation of the beaches, becoming anywhere from residences to locales to sell drugs.

In the last five years, Pernambuco started receiving investments again from groups that are interested in building new hotels, accounting for 14,700 new beds between 2012 and 2014. The economic moment cooled a previous 15 year blackout period in the sector, when 18 estabilishments were closed down, according to the state’s “Brazilian Association of the Hotel Industry (ABIH-PE)”.

The newspaper Diario, however, has taken the path opposing that of tourists and businessmen by scanning the coastline in search of telling the stories behind the hotel endeavors that today stand in ruins.” – Diario (in PT, more here)


Info from Diario’s report

• 34 hotels are being built and amplified between 2012 and 2014 in Pernambuco
• 14 hotels are set to be in operation by 2014
• 6 should be ready in 2013

There will be 5,917 “Habitational Units” (UHS) and 14,792 new beds, with:
• 1,960 UHS in Recife
• 2,737 in the Litoral Sul
• 354 in the Litoral Norte
• 866 in the Interior

Global flux of tourists
for Pernambuco in 2012 – 4,782,694

Average stay per tourist
for Pernambuco in 2012 – 7.3 days

Types of Lodging in Pernambuco (By Sept/2012)
• Hotels – 321
• Apart Hotels – 18 
• B&Bs – 610 
• Other estabilishments (Pensions, inns, hostels…) – 165

Total beds in Pernambuco in 2012
71,570 (By Sept/2012)

Source: Setur-PE and ABIH-PE


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