Recife’s VIPs

I thought it’d be good to make a list of important figures from Recife. Wikipedia has their own list but I felt like shortening/curating it with those I find most deserving. Almost every single one is well-known throughout Brazil and quite a few of the poets are part of the “Poetry Circuit” (PT) of Recife (statues of poets throughout the city).

João Cabral de Melo Neto, poet and writer
Nelson Rodrigues, poet and writer
Gilberto Freyre, sociologist, poet and writer
Manuel Bandeira, poet and writer
Joaquim Nabuco, writer, journalist and diplomat
Paulo Freire, educator, poet and writer
Cristovam Buarque, educador, politician

Francisco Brennand, sculptor, painter and ceramist
Romero Britto, sculptor and painter

Otto, composer (PT)
Lenine, composer
Bezerra da Silva, composer
Chico Science, composer
Alceu Valença, composer

Heitor Dhalia, director (PT)
Marcelo Gomes, director


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