Costs of 2013 Carnival in Recife


This week, Diário Oficial do Recife published the costs involved in hiring certain performers from playing their music in Recife’s recent Carnival. The non-local Brazilian artists received significantly more, of course, than the local ones invited to play.

First, it’s always important to keep in mind that the minimum wage in Brazil, as of this year, will reach R$678 (per month) and that one-third of all Brazilians earn just this amount. Now, on to the figures…

Alcione – R$195,000 for one show.
Titãs – R$180,000 for two shows.
Jorge Aragão – R$137,500 for one show.
Devotos (local) – R$12,000 for one show.
Maracatus (local) – R$2,000 to R$3,000 per show.

By the way, that means for a few hours of work Alcione got paid the minimum wage 288 times over (or, R$678 x 288). Looking through the official finances that the gov’t put out, most performers were paid around R$1,500 to R$2,000 per show, and there were a total of 1,500 performances during the four days of Carnival. Doing a little math tells me that the city paid around R$3 million total to local performers.

In total, Recife’s Carnival (including publicity) cost the city close to R$32 million (of that, R$400,000 in prizes were given out over 11 contests). Other figures, according to the mayor’s office, state that 718,000 tourists came to the city, they accounted for 95% hotel occupancy and spent on average R$485 (I’m not sure if that’s daily or if it even includes hotel but it very likely includes Brazilians from other cities). All in all, Recife’s Carnival generated R$603 million in financial transactions.

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Source 2
Diário Oficial (boring gov’t numbers)


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