Bike lane gets full approval

interna98The Tourism and Leisure bike lane (Ciclofaixa de Turismo e Lazer) has earned a 100% approval. That’s the result of the first day of Recife’s new weekend activity where 360 people were interviewed (64.9% men and 35.1% women). The research showed that 78.3% routinely use a bike. The survey showed some use it as a recreational vehicle (49.3%), some for physical activity (42.3%) and others, to get to work (8.4%). According to IPMN who created the survey, the most sought after neighborhood for bike rides is Boa Viagem (12.8%), followed by Casa Amarela (8.9%). Both neighborhoods were chosen to integrate the mobile bike lane that connects the Zona Norte to the Zona Sul of Recife. “The expansion of the routes is already being studied, but it is necessary to consolidate these two that already exist before creating others,” said Recife’s Secretary of Tourism and Recreation, Felipe Carreras. – Source


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