Vila Oliveira forced eviction

“On November 6, 2012, about 20 families residing in Vila Oliveira, located on Avenida Domingos Ferreira, in the neighborhood of Pina, in the south of Recife, were evacuated from their homes, where they lived for over 30 years.

Vila Oliveira is situated close to the neighborhood of Boa Viagem, the location of the most expensive meter per square inch in Recife.

Despite having the title deed of the land, issued by the State Company for Housing and Works (CEHAB) in the 1990s, the eviction was completed, leaving more than 50 men, women, elderly and children homeless.

Two battalions, Shock Battalion and Military Police arrived at the Pernambucan community around 6AM to fulfill the action of ejection, from a court ruling in January 2011.

The action lasted more than 12 hours, culminating in the demolition of 16 buildings, among them were brick houses and a mechanic garage built there over 30 years ago, back when the tide brushed up against the mangroves of Pina.

Despite the destruction, the last house on the ground resisted. The owner Rosicleide and her family endured.

In protest to the action of ejection, the Medianeiras da Paz, a group of women of the Parish Church of Pina, organized a vigil and walk on the grounds of Vila Oliveira, in support of the evicted families. Residents, social movement groups such as Coletivo de Luta Comunitária and others walked down Domingos Ferreira avenue to the location, now enclosed by walls and marked for exclusion.”


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