Robo Livre teaching robotics to kids

“It’s easy to do.”

“That’s the unlikely slogan of a collaborative platform for robotics, Robô Livre ( The project began in 2005, during Henry Foresti’s master’s research in mechanical engineering. He put all the planning of the robot he was building on the internet for all to see, copy or transform. Then he began teaching robotics in a public school in Recife, where he lives.

Today, the initiative maintains research centers in 3 public schools (plus 3 more private ones) in the capital of Pernambuco. Each receives a design technician twice a week. They teach prototyping and take questions from students. The methodology was designed to not be restricted to the teaching of how the parts fit together, nor solely on that which is taken from manuals. Instead, what is being promoted is technological experimentation, stimulating curiosity and creativity.” – Revista Galileu (PT, read more)


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