Black Tuesdays in Santo Antonio

Terças Negras is a weekly get together celebrating Afro-Brazilian culture at the São Pedro Patio/Plaza, in the neighborhood of São José in Recife. It’s a free, open-air event which started in 2001 and is put on by a partnership between the local government and the MNU (Movimento Negro Unificado). It starts at 8PM.

From a 2008 article I came across about the event,

“They come from everywhere. Black, white or brown. Heterosexual or homosexual. An atmosphere of pure freedom gives way to an audience of, on average, 1,500 people*. They are the faithful, the casual or just curious. Everyone is welcome to honor African culture.

Diverging or not in styles and opinions, everyone comes in peace. “Black Tuesdays has lost its focus, which is the praising of African culture. People that come these days just want to have fun”, says student and musician Bruno Ricardo da Silva, who has been coming to the event for 4 years. At the same time, businessman Luiz Parreiras thinks the opposite. “It’s an excellent project that spreads African culture perfectly”.

Diversity is also present in the mix. There’s groups playing coco, maracatu, and reggae. And, of course, afoxés. Some of them have been going strong for over 100 years. The groups, which play throughout the year, used to only get visibility during Carnival time. “When the project started there were about 12 afoxés, today there are 21″, says the cultural coordinator of the MNU-PE and Terça Negra producer, Almir Miranda da Hora.”

* – That number seems a bit fuzzy to me.

PS – Here’s a beautiful picture of the plaza during the day.


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