Before Porto Digital, there was Cesar

“The seed of change in the local economy originated in the minds of three professors: Silvio Meira, Fábio Silva and Ismar Kaufman. They founded, in 1996, a private center of innovation for the creation of products, services and business. The center is known as Centro de Estudos e Sistemas Avançados do Recife, better known as Cesar. Since then, the IT market has never been the same.”

“Since 1996, Cesar ‘gave birth’ to 31 enterprises and more than 45 businesses. For the work that it does, the tech center was recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology as the best innovation institution in Brazil in 2006 and 2011.”

Read the article (in PT) at Você S/A. You can also read about Porto Digital here on my blog.


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